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We Need Volunteers Today

Please spread the word throughout the DFW area of Texas for more volunteers, so this program can grow and be available to all underprivileged children. Famous African Proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child." Our volunteers range from Middle and High School Students, College Students, Mentors, Community Volunteers, Retired Teachers, Active/Retired Professionals, Stay Home Moms/Dads, Grandparents,  etc. 

The entire non profit is run by volunteers, so we need you in order to help our youth to have access to what they need.

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1. Registration Form
All volunteers that are under 18 years old with a valid student ID in the DFW area will have his/her parent/guardian fill out the online registration form on this website.  Please click on the tab that allows you to "Register your Child." A Homework Hotline contact will reach out to you for confirmation of your child's subject interests for tutoring, etc.  We will address any questions and/or concerns, if applicable.
2. Background Check
All online tutor volunteers that are 18 years old or older are required to complete a criminal background check. Please click on the link below to complete your criminal background check ($14 cost) with Sterling Volunteers org. for the Homework Hotline Program.  Financial Aid is available to cover the $14 background check charge, if needed.  If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this process, please click on the "Contact" website tab to submit your message.
After passing the background check, you will receive a one-page online tutor registration form and ELPS Foundation's liability disclaimer form that will need to be signed and returned back to ELPS Foundation. Note, you will determine which subjects you want to tutor and your tutoring schedule availability for your assigned child.  You are required to provide one (1) hour or two (2) 30 min sessions of free online tutoring each week for a month. You can sign up for online tutoring each month, if interested. 
3. Training
Once all forms have been completed you will need to go through the 45 min online Homework Hotline Training program. We want to ensure that all volunteers are ELPS tutor compliant and understand best practices for tutoring underprivileged children within our organization.
4. Matching
When training is complete, you will then be entered into our matching schema and we will begin matching you with a student to render tutoring.
High school students can earn their community service credit by volunteering as a ELPS Foundation’s tutor.  We welcome the corporations and businesses that have community service outreach programs, which allows their employees to get paid while volunteering as a tutor. 
In Class
Community Service Credit
College Classroom
Receive a bond up to $500
Every cleared and approved college level tutor will receive:

ELPS volunteer commits to provide free tutoring services to kids for half the school year: an ELPS award of a $250 bond that would mature in 10 years.

ELPS volunteer commits to provide free tutoring services to kids for an entire school year: an ELPS award of a $500 bond that would mature in 10 years.
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