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How Homework Hotline Works
1. Learn About Homework Hotline

Take the time to learn who we are, what our values are, and ultimately what our approach is to each level in education to best serve each student and their individual needs.

2. Registration for Your Child

It's very simple to register your child. Simply go the registration page and fill out the form for each child you would like enrolled in the homework hotline program.

3. Approval of your Application

Once we have reviewed your application we will provide a written introduction/email to the family with online tutoring session details and a recap of the free online tutoring service, required tools, and expectations.

4. Matching With A Tutor

As a part of your introduction we will provide instructions for how to get started and we will assign a designated tutor/volunteer for your child based on availability and skill level to ensure the tutor is a great match for your child's needs.

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