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The Purpose of Homework Helpline

Homework Helpline is a 501(c)3 (nonprofit) organization sponsored by the ELPS Foundation Inc. Our mission is to render academic support to those underprivileged families with children, teenagers, and/or young adults

Our Values & The Dedication to Them

Our values are vested in ensuring that our staff, volunteers, and students are supported by an infrastructure that's vested in who we are and how we treat others; they define who we are as a people and a culture, and how we act and operate. 

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Kia Shands, ELPS Founder

I remember volunteering for my mom’s (Elnora Lynn Perry Shands - ELPS) educational events as a tutor for underprivileged families with kids in the inner city  as a twelve year old thru out my Graduate school years.  My mom provide food to the kids and various educational tools and resources/information to them.  It helped them excel in their studies during each school year.  Even though I opted to work in the corporate and technology fields for over 20+ years. I knew that I had a passion for education and helping the communities around me. As of today, I have the opportunity to continue my mother’s legacy with the Homework  Hotline Program (flagship) and various youth programs in the DFW Texas area.  I’m super excited to take our flagship educational program thru out the entire state of Texas and in the future throughout every state in the USA and globally one day.  It definitely takes a village to raise children these days.  If you feel the importance of children/youth programs for underprivileged  families in Texas, please support the ELPS Foundation (501c3 certified nonprofit) as a sponsor/donor and/or volunteer today.